Magnificent copy of the second edition of the Piscator Bible, to be distinguished from the title edition published
in 1604 (the edition above contains all kinds of improvements) and including the extensive supplementary volume
published in 1610. The Piscator Bible was the first Reformed German Bible translation printed in Germany. The first
edition appeared from 1602 to 1604, only a couple of years after Piscator was commissioned to prepare a new Bible
translation. The new translation was violently attacked by the Lutherans, but soon became used by many Reformed
Protestants, especially in the Swiss canton Berne, where it was introduced officially for use in church and school.
The massive supplementary volume entitled
Anhang des Herbornischen biblischen wercks
contains an extensive index as
well as various appendices on, for instance, biblical chronology and the monetary system. It is noted for its wealth
of archeological, historical, and theological material. According to the dated owner’s inscription on the title page of
the last volume the Bible was first owned by Adam Windorfer, in 1610 pastor in Olomouc (Moravia). The stamped
initials probably stand for M(agister) A(damus) W(indorferus) G(raezensis) S(tyrus) P(astor) L(utheranus). - Crease in
title page of first volume, dated owner’s inscription on title page of last volume, upper endpapers of three volumes
missing, some leaves chipped, a fewminor marginal repairs, slightly browned throughout, tear in one of the maps,
small wormhole in maps, plans, and last half of the last volume, but otherwise in very good condition.
VD 17 1:053123C, 1:053125T, 23:679581U, 3:316499S, 3:316497B, 14:673257C, 3:316503T, 23:271913S; Schlosser, p. 105-
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