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BULLINGER, Heinrich (1504-1575).
Das jüngste Gericht unsers Herren Jesu Christi, wie er das
werde halten über alle wält, am letsten tag, uss dem heiligen Evangelio Matthei am 25. capit. mit
zweyenPredigenussgelegt zuoZürychvonHeinrychenBullingern.
8vo. [51] lvs. Modern wrappers.
Rare second and last edition of two sermons of Bullinger on the last judgment. In the first sermon Bullinger offers
comfort to the faithful, assuring them that they will endure the final day. The sermon has something of the tone of
a medieval
ars moriendi
in which Bullinger seeks to allay the fears of men and women about death with the assurance
that Christ will save them. The second sermon offers a quite different picture. It contains an angry enumeration and
denunciation of those who can expect to be turned away by the judge and consumed in the conflagration. Given the
length of the sermons, which were first published in 1555, it is likely that the printed text is an amalgam of several
sermons delivered onMatthew 24 and 25, although there is no evidence that the text conveys anything whichwould
not have been preached from the pulpit. - Stained throughout.
VD 16 B 9649; Staedtke 282; Rudolphi 499; Vischer C 552.
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