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GATAKER, Thomas (1574-1654).
Cinnus, sive Adversaria miscellanea; animadversionum
variarum libris sex comprehensa. Quorum primores duo nunc primitùs prodeunt, reliqis deinceps
(Deo favente) seorsim insecuturis.
London, James Flesher for Laurence Sadler, 1651.
4to. (6) 454
(1) pp.
Bound with: IDEM.
De novi instrumenti stylo dissertatio. Qua viri doctissimi Sebastiani
Pfochenii, de linguae Graecae Novi Testamenti puritate; in qua Hebraismis, quae vulgo finguntur,
qam plurimis larva detrahi dicitur; diatribe ad examen revocatur: scriptorumqe qâ sacrorum, qâ
profanorum, loca aliqam-multa, obiter explicantur atqe illustrantur. Cum indicibus necessariis.
London, Thomas Harper for Laurence Sadler, 1648.
4to. (4) 346 (2) pp. Contemporary calf with gilt
First editions of two of Gataker’s principal philological works. Gataker, a puritan divine educated at St. John’s
College in Cambridge, was known as a godly preacher and an excellent humanist scholar. One of his most famous
works is his
De novi instrumenti stylo dissertatio,
a major linguistic study of the Greek of the NewTestament in relation
to the Hebrew language. It was published in 1648 as a response to Sebastian Pfochen, a German philologist who
argued that the Greek of the New Testament was a pure classical Greek. Gataker’s
Adversaria miscellanea
a couple of years later, containing only the first two books of the six announced on the title page. The remaining
four books were posthumously published in 1659 under the title
Adversaria miscellanea posthuma.
- Joints and spine
expertly restored, wormhole in inner margin (not affecting the text), and lower margin of one leaf partly torn off
(slightly affecting the quire signature).
Wing G313.
Wing G318.
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