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BRENZ, Johannes (1499-1570).
Wie man sich christlich zu dem sterben bereyten sol. Das man Got
rechtschaffen dienen sol. Wie das ubel nachreden für eyn schwere sunde zu achten sey, auff drey
Sermon gestellet.
[Colophon: Nürnberg, Kunigunde Hergot], 1533.
8vo. [40] lvs. Later vellum.
Rare fourth edition of three sermons by Johannes Brenz, the reformer of Württemberg. Brenz’s sermons in the
German vernacular display a character that is different from his sermons published in Latin. In his native language,
he is speaking more directly and certainly also more practically to his audience. These characteristics are obvious in
the sermons above, in which Brenz in an enlightening way popularizes his message for his congregation. The first
edition of these three sermons was published in 1529, in Augsburg, while both the second and the third edition
appeared in 1532, respectively inWittenberg and Nürnberg. Further editions of these popular sermons were printed
in Leipzig (1548, 1550), Nürnberg (1549, 1555), and Frankfurt an der Oder (1550, 1562). - Title page slightly soiled and
some later marginal annotations.
VD 16 B 7976; Köhler 69.
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