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HUBERINUS, Caspar (1500-1553).
Viertzig kurtze Predig, uber den gantzen Catechismum. Für
die Haußväter, jr Gesinde zu lehren.
Nürnberg, Ulrich Neuber and Dietrich Gerlach, 1566.
[151] lvs. Modern marbled paper-covered boards.
Rare sixth and last German edition of Huberinus’ forty catechism sermons. Huberinus was the first Protestant
preacher in the county of Hohenlohe (Northern Württemberg) and one of the most important sixteenth century
writers of Protestant devotional literature. He matriculated at the University of Wittenberg in 1522, resided in
Augsburg from 1525 until 1544, and finally became preacher in Öhringen. Especially in Öhringen he had a decisive
influence on the course of the reformation. Huberinus also brought vigor to the campaign to reform family and
marriage. He was a strong advocate of the patriarchal family and emphasized that the success of the reformation
depended upon the patriarch taking over the task of doctrinal instruction in his family.His forty catechismsermons,
held in Öhringen and first published in 1550, have also been translated into Latin. - Two marginal repairs (one of
them affecting a few letters) and last blank leaf missing.
VD 16 H 5448; Franz 21.6.
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